School Overview

L. P. Savani Educational organization is a distinguished center of learning dedicated to providing quality education that nurtures holistic development. With a legacy of excellence, we strive to create an environment where students can explore their potential and become responsible global citizens. Our institutes are not merely a place of learning; it's a community where minds are shaped, dreams are fueled, and friendships are forged.

With a global perspective and a local touch, L. P. Savani Group prepares students for the challenges of a connected world. Our curriculum is designed to instill not just academic knowledge but also the skills and values required for success in a rapidly evolving global landscape

Principal's Message: Mrs. Anju Banga (Principal - CBSE)

“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence.” ~ Abigail Adam (former First Lady of the United States)

Albeit, learning is an incessant process that starts with the birth of a child but it is the school that creates a benchmark for a refined and systematized learning. In this 21st Century, skill development and critical learning have overshadowed all the traditional practices of education. Today, the education institutions have a strategic role to play in imparting conceptual education blended with skill development. We at L.P. Savani International School (Pal) unceasingly endeavors to provide avenues to our students to thrive academically and become sound in co-scholastic activities too.

We provide students with experiences and situations that nurture their abilities, define their goals and uphold their uniqueness towards a holistic development. We provide them with a propitious environment in which they collaborate and reason with their educators and take initiatives that amplify their problem solving and decision making abilities. As a futuristic school we integrate Information Technology and Arts with the curriculum as pivotal ingredients in the teaching-learning process that is well recommended by the New Education Policy - 2022. Empowering the young learners with a comprehensive and broad-based curriculum we create 21st century learners – adept and adaptive towards a challenging and fast paced world.

L.P. Savani International School (Pal), strives in designing and persistently assessing and upgrading the curriculum in keeping with the current and most updated best practices, in this manner we explore the possibilities in every child and empower them accordingly.

Our fastidiously planned co-curricular activities, sports, experiential learning, trained faculty and supportive management helps to build an ecosystem that makes our campus child friendly and futuristic in nature, keeping with changing times. I am beholden and privileged to receive mammoth support from you all and look forward to shaping this school and redefine it as epitome of excellence. It shall be a place of affinity and merriment as we nurture our children towards perfection and competency.

Embark on a transformative educational journey. Connect with us to explore a world of academic excellence, innovation, and holistic development for your child.