News from Khel Mahakumbh AY 2019-20 - 1

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News from Khel Mahakumbh AY 2019-20 - 2

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Instructions received from Traffic Police of Surat for Students commuting to schools without licence

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A special bridge course opens for Gr.10 students to assist them for selecting the stream

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good thoughts

  •  Reading builds language, knowledge, character, personality and a unique identity of a person. 

    -The Principal 

    Special Message from the Principal

    My dear and respectable parents and my dear children.
    your vacation has begun. I am sure, you all must be very happy at homes or moved out to home towns.
    Please take care of your ownselves and children.
    Avoid (interior or long) journeys.
    Do not move in the sun (heat) and in crowded places, no matter what is the location or venue.
    Do not move out unless it is too important. Please do not take children along everywhere.
    Enjoy your time with your family.
    Please pray for everyone around you, as I am also praying to god to take your care.
    Till we meet again
    -The Principal

  • A stitch in time, saves nine



Physical Education is needed for a balanced school week. It not only keeps the students healthy but also gives them a fun break of other schoolwork. For some academically challenged students it gives a chance to excel. In general, it builds team spirit.

Students who are in school need a break from normal brain thinking, otherwise they lack concentration and they will not be able to sustain their lessons. The best way to do this is by sports. This can be done anywhere easily. Anyone is able to participate in sports and since a P.E. program in school offers different kinds of sports, such as team sports like basketball or individual sports like gymnastics, every student finds his favourite kind and a platform to excel.


Sport and opportunities of play, consistent with the rights of the child to optimum development, has been identified as among the crucial components to the delivery of quality education. Without sports, elementary education would be boring and lifeless for young school children


The first reason why children should be encouraged to get involved with sports is discipline. It is a fact that physical training and exercises help to inculcate discipline.


The second reason is sports build a spirit of teamwork as most sports are played by two or more persons. In other words, playing and participating in sports is a social game wherein children get to know how to get well with other children.

The third reason is respect. Kids would know the word respect the moment they are immersed with sports.

The fourth reason is sportsmanship. There is a saying "You win some, you lose some, it balances out at the end". Sportsmanship teaches kids how to be strong and to be strong still even when defeat is on hand.

The fifth reason is preparation. To win in a game intensive training and careful planning is required for "practice makes perfect".

The sixth reason is determination. Sports improve the perseverance of kids

The seventh reason is health. It is possible to imbibe the value of health in children through sports.

The final reasonis competitiveness. Striving to win in every field can be surely built around playing sports.

So, for a fitter and smarter nation with less health problems we believe that P.E. should be on the school curriculum every day. This is in the best interest for everyone!!!


Months Highlight


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