News from Khel Mahakumbh AY 2019-20 - 1

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News from Khel Mahakumbh AY 2019-20 - 2

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Instructions received from Traffic Police of Surat for Students commuting to schools without licence

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A special bridge course opens for Gr.10 students to assist them for selecting the stream

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  •  Reading builds language, knowledge, character, personality and a unique identity of a person. 

    -The Principal 

    Special Message from the Principal

    My dear and respectable parents and my dear children.
    your vacation has begun. I am sure, you all must be very happy at homes or moved out to home towns.
    Please take care of your ownselves and children.
    Avoid (interior or long) journeys.
    Do not move in the sun (heat) and in crowded places, no matter what is the location or venue.
    Do not move out unless it is too important. Please do not take children along everywhere.
    Enjoy your time with your family.
    Please pray for everyone around you, as I am also praying to god to take your care.
    Till we meet again
    -The Principal

  • A stitch in time, saves nine



Hello everone, My name is MayuriRuparel. I am a founder of a Software Development Firm - ‘Reeva Tech’ & also, a Mentor at Reeva Academy. My daughter’s name is ReevaRuparel who studies in Class 3 in L. P. Savani International  School, Pal.

As it says - ‘A good education is a foundation for a great future’. Choosing a correct school for your kid, could be sometimes stressful. It involves a lot of time researching various parameters and factors. I am so glad that I have made the correct choice by choosing L. P.Savani International School for my daughter. 
I’m so pleased with how my daughter has progressed over all these years. Not only in
studies but also the overall personality that has shaped her! 
Teachers are extremely helpful and are ready to solve our queries whenever approached. 
As, I am working women myself, whenever my daughter gets home from school, I get a call from her every day,
She is so happy and excited and tells me how she had a wonderful time at her school, spending time with her teachers and all her friends and all the new things she has learned. At that movement, I feel so happy and satisfied with my choice of school.

I am deeply grateful to all the Principal, Teachers, Coordinator and school staff because they ensure that our child gets the best education.

During pandemic, when it started, like every other parent, I was too worried about my child education, but our school - L. P.Savani International, makes sure our kids do not miss out anything.
Our teachers went out of their way preparing notes, recording video lessons and not to forget to mention amazing live sessions which my daughter looks forward to every day.
During these hard times, our teachers and management has made sure our kids don’t miss out on anything. Not only the regular live lessons, but also exams were conducted on time. School has also made extra provisions of remedial classes, and also there are doubt solving sessions on previous day before exams.
L. P. Savani International School also offers opportunity  to participate at National & International Level Competitive Olympiads.
I am grateful all these efforts done by Teachers and the Management. Thank you so much.

Mrs. MayuriRuparel

Mother of ReevaRuparel of Gr. 3


Before starting these online classes, I was little bit tensed, because all was new for my kid. But now my daughter has learned a lot & she improved so much, more than my expectations. Teachers solve all the problems of students & parents too! All teachers are very supportive & co-operative. I am appreciating all the teachers for their dedicated work. All the best for the teachers & institution. 

Mrs. Manisha Vineeth 
Mother of Srihitha Vineeth - Gr. 1C

Months Highlight


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School Event - Scholastic

School Event - Co-Scholastic