News from Khel Mahakumbh AY 2019-20 - 1

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News from Khel Mahakumbh AY 2019-20 - 2

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Instructions received from Traffic Police of Surat for Students commuting to schools without licence

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 Director's Message



Welcome to L.P.SAVANI INTERNATIONAL Campus.  Our vision is to provide the highest possible standards of education for each and every student in our care; within a highly creative & exciting learning environment.


L.P.SAVANI INTERNATIONAL Campus offers academic excellence whilst developing strong, personal and social skills.  Our approach to learning ensures that our students become active and independent learners.  We teach a modern, broad and balanced curriculum built on the internationally recognized National Curriculum.


At L.P.SAVANI International Campus, we foster an environment of respect and trust where we recognize that every child is an individual requiring a personalized approach to learning. This is reflected in our holistic approach towards learning and teaching. Our aim is to build confidence and develop initiative in our students within a safe, happy and inclusive school.



We ensure that we develop tolerance and understanding, environmental awareness, leadership and independence as well as essential skills for the future.  Together these skills and values will encourage and enable our students to meet the exciting demands and challenges of the 21st Century.  We understand that to reach this goal of developing global citizens of the future, we need a strong and effective partnership with parents. In all that we do at L.P.SAVANI INTERNATIONAL Campus, we recognize that education and learning is an ongoing and shared responsibility between home and school.  A full programme of parental consultation, parental engagement workshops and our open door policy will ensure that our parents are kept fully informed of all school developments and are able to be actively involved in supporting their child throughout all stages of their education.



Ms. Viral Thaker
L.P.Savani International School, Surat


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