News from Khel Mahakumbh AY 2019-20 - 1

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News from Khel Mahakumbh AY 2019-20 - 2

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Instructions received from Traffic Police of Surat for Students commuting to schools without licence

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 Vice-Chairman's Message


Dharmendra M. Savani

Dear Parents,

Welcome !


"The students will bask in the glory of success and we all will bask in the warmth of their success."

    We believe in grooming our students by strictly adhering to our values, which are our roots. Our motto is to give our students the wings of success.

    Each and every child is bestowed with all the faculties and skills without any discrimination in perfect balance. You have entrusted us the task of tapping the hidden potentials of your wards, which we try to live up with.

    Though we impart the conventional curriculum based education, but simultaneously, we integrate the non-conventional streams with the curriculum in order to make education interesting and burden less. Time and Again,

    We have grown to meet the demands of the quality education needed for the future prospects by weaving the intricate frame work of education with the threads of values, skills and curriculum.

    The fabric of education we weave will be donned by the future society whose implications are, the highly intellectual society, feeling of fraternity and rationality in thoughts.

Hope to succeed in our mission to provide your child the best growth mentally, physically, morally and spiritually.

With best wishes,

Regards  !


Dharmendra M. Savani

 Vice- Chairman

LPS Group of Schools


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